Q-RING  Inapoi

The Q-Ring® system for MSW biostabilisation and for the phase of compost curing in cumulus.

The process works on open air, on insufflated plateau and with covering sheets.

Q Ring

Entsorga has applied its own experience in composting to set up a management system for the maturation phase of composting, which is undertaken in static piles of approximately 300 cubic metres.

Forced aeration improves ensures aerobic conditions in the windrow, reducing the possibility of bad odours whilst optimising the composting process.

Under the sheets the maturing material is aerated by pipes moulded into the pad. The pipe work is perforated at regular intervals; to prevent the perforations becoming blocked the holes are protected which helps ensure a homogenous distribution of air within the windrow.
On sites where a pad is already in-situ, it is possible to use Entsorga’s patented Air Lift system that uses soft pipes fixed over the existing pad.

The covering sheet is made of two different materials. The centre panel of the sheet is permeable to air, allowing the release of the air pumped into the maturing material but it retains the odours typical of the process, yet is impermeable to rainfall ensuring the compost doesn’t not get too wet from rainfall and therefore create excess leachate. The fabric is breathable to water vapour and allows the transpiration of moisture from the heap.

The edging fabric is strengthened with polyethylene and has rings attached to secure it to the pad. The fabric is further weighed down using either water or sand filled sealed system. The Q-Ring® also allows the wetting of the material through drip flap tubes and is regulated by the plant control system.

The computerized control system also allows the management of aeration, through the regulation of an inverter on the fan's motor. The process parameter that determines the control system action is the material temperature, measured continuously be in-situ probes.

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