The Coccinelle® technology is suitable for bio-stabilisation and composting.

It is a reliable, well proven, flexible, low cost, environmentally safe, and easy to manage system for composting and biostabilisation of organic wastes.

A rapid process with minimal environmental impact.


The Coccinelle® technology is ideal for companies looking for a small plant that can quickly be upgraded as input increases. Entsorga recommends this type of plant for tonnages below 25,000 tpa of waste input and where flexibility is a major requirement. It is easy to install, has a low capital cost, is modular and can easily be upgraded as waste inputs increase.

The Coccinelle® is a modular solution where each module is composed of typically eight reactors (capacity: 25 m3 each), one biofilter, airing system, pipelines and automatic devices, monitoring system of the process and control parameters. The modules are provided and assembled in the customer’s yard. The treatment capacity of each module may vary from 3000 to 5000 tonnes/year according to the resonance times which depends on the type of waste to be treated and on the required stabilization during the accelerated oxidation phase. The module can be provided with various layout solutions. Each reactor is equipped by its own fan and its own frequency converter thus allowing each reactor to be controlled independently.

The system is controlled and managed by an automated system that measures the temperature of the biomass and consequently controls the air flow for each container by regulating the frequency converters. It also controls the irrigation of the biofilters and containers. All the data is recorded and properly stored in order to have a record of the process for each batch.

The most prominent aspect of the Coccinelle® technology is its flexibility so that it can provide a solution for scarcely populated areas, such as; mountain villages/towns, small islands and especially for seasonal peak requirements of popular tourist locations.

  • Minimal environmental impact
    It is easy to install, modular and can easily be upgraded as waste inputs increase. Only a paved area is required and auxiliary buildings (for waste reception and curing) may be tensile structures that blend well into the local surroundings and that can be removed when no longer needed.
  • Montoring and efficiency
    The process of bio-oxidation and ventilation is monitored by a automation and control system which optimises key process parameters and guarantees process reliability.
  • Modularity and simplicity
    A basic module, composed of 8 containers, has an annual average throughput of 3,000 – 4,000 t/year, which equates to treatment of waste collected from 50,000-70,000 inhabitants. The modular system can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 20,000 – 25,000 t/year.

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