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When no longer possible to energetically exploit the biogases present in the landfills, either by combustion or by flaring, the geCO2® system provides an innovative and industrial solution which has the capability to drastically decrease the methane emissions of green house gases from the landfills. Methane is considered 21 times more potent as a green house gas than carbon dioxide.


When the concentration levels of methane in the biogas fall below 25% v/v, it is no longer possible to execute flaring, hence the biogas is dispersed into the surrounding environment of the landfill.

Presently the geCO2® is undergoing certification so as to obtain internationally approved standard VER/VCS credits.

The advantages of the geCO2® system;

  • Overall reduction to the environmental impact of landfills: excellent levels of degradation of methane concentrations present in the biogases with resulting improvements to the surrounding environment;
  • Reductions in biogas odour contamination; olfactometric testing has demonstrated a reduction of the odours concentration levels superior to 90%;
  • Adaptability of use; the solution may be used for different landfill requirements;
  • Mobility and Simplicity of use; high levels of mobility, modularity, and simplicity of commissioning;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.

The diverse adaptability of the geCO2® system, allows for management optimisation of landfill gases in parallel to the existing “conventional” systems, thus providing treatment of gases with low calorific potential; The geCO2® system is capable of “capturing” biogases also in final stages, “end” production, when the “conventional” treatment system in no longer applicable. In addition, the geCO2® system allows for biogas “capture” also in the initial phases of landfill operations, when “conventional” treatment systems have not yet been put into operations.

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