BAT Q-Ring  Inapoi

The BAT Q-Ring® plant allows to obtain sanitized and hygienic material from organic matrices such as that of MSW.


The obtained material, from such treatment, can be used as covering material for landfill sites.
By placing the waste material under specially designed sheets, during the bio-oxidation phase, the Entsorga technology allows for air circulation into the material so as to accelerate the bio-oxidation of the waste material.

In addition, throughout the process, these sheets confine air circulation and therefore avoid the emission of unpleasant odours.

The plant is modular: each module is composed of a heap covered by a Q-RING® sheet.

Each heap has the following dimensions: BASE: 8 X 16 m HEIGHT: 3.5 / 4 m

The heap has an ideal trapezoidal shape with a base of 2/3 m on each side (30/60°). The total resulting volume is approx 220 – 250 sq. m.

The whole system therefore consists of three main components:

  • the sheet
  • the ventilation system
  • the management software

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